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#PolishAppleTrees photocontest. Thank You!

We’ve all had a tough few weeks of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us have had their plans ruined and projects delayed. We had been preparing to host a trial run of a Polish Apple Festival – and that sadly won’t be happening given restrictions. But whilst in lockdown, we decided that that shouldn’t and wouldn’t stop us, and that we could still do something fun and apple related. As lockdown slowly eased and spring arrived, we decided that even though we couldn’t get people to a festival, we could maybe them to apple trees. So we organised a photo competition, not just to get people to take beautiful photographs of the Polish countryside, but also to get people to go outside, get some fresh air and some sun, and take in the beautiful apple blooms before sharing them with the #PolishApples hashtag. In just a few days, over 2000 people responded to our call, posting some of the most beautiful, creative, original and fun photos of apples, apple trees, orchards and all things apple related.

#PolishAppleTrees photocontest. Thank You!

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